How To Choose The Best Haircut

redken hair salon models What is the best haircut for your face shape?  We have the answers!  Choosing the right haircut for your particular face shape is all about balance.    As with other forms of artistry,  our stylists seek to accentuate your best features and down play problem areas.   Your finished style will be a beautiful look that will compliment your skin tone, bone structure, and personality.


Square faces have a strong shape and prominent bone structure, and adding a little softness to your style through the right haircut and color can downplay angles.
For haircuts, our salon suggests that you choose styles that are longer than chin length.   Ask your stylist for side-swept bangs, gentle layers and soft wavy curls which will balance the angles of your face.  Avoid boxy styles, blunt cuts, bangs that are cut straight across, and bobs.  Instead of drawing attention away from a square face shape, these styles will cause your face to appear even more angular and square.
For hair color, choose soft highlights and lowlights.  Highlights work best at the cheekbones with a deeper color at the temples to add softness.


Triangular faces are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top.  To balance this face shape, consider haircuts that add more volume near the forehead and crown.  Short haircuts that add interest near the upper part of the head are perfect as well as highlights and lighter colors near the temples and fringe.  This will bring the focus and attention upward and create balance.


If your face has a heart shape, you have a delicate chin and wider cheekbones.  To compliment the shape of your face, choose a haircut that adds fullness around the jawline.  Good options are a chin length bob, or a longer style with choppy, chin length layers.
The ombre color look is perfect for heart shaped faces.  A lighter color at the bottom and a darker color at the top help to balance this shape beautifully!
What should you avoid?   Stay away from styles that add too much weight at the top of your head.   You want the fullness and attention to be toward the lower section of your hair, so avoid styles with top-heavy volume, short boyish cuts and thick bangs.


Round faces need a haircut that can give the illusion of length to the face.   We recommend staying away from chin length haircuts, bangs that are cut straight across, and parts that run down the center of your face.  Instead, try styles that are more asymmetrical in nature.  Choose styles that are longer than your chin with gentle layers.  Adding height and a few carefully placed highlights at the crown can help to create “length”.  Soft side swept bangs and side parts can look wonderful on round face shapes.


The right haircut and color can bring balance to a long face shape.  Go for a hair color that is darker at the top and lighter around the face.  This will create the illusion of width.   Stay away from haircuts that add volume on the top of your head.   Focus on volume at the sides and gentle face framing layers to add width.

Oval face shapes can successfully wear any haircut or color!  Oval faces are perfectly balanced so almost any cut and style works well.   You can opt for something trendy or classic — have fun!


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