Benefits of Weekly Salon Blowouts

Professional blowout styling is a growing trend, and we’re proud to offer professional styling services for you here at Michael Thomas Hair Design. We recommend a professional blowout styling once or twice a week to replace your in-home styling efforts with a polished, professionally styled look you’ll love. There are several benefits to professional styling. ... Read more

Treat Your Hair Right with Deep Conditioning Treatment

No matter what your hair type, everyone needs conditioner. When it comes to hair, heat is the enemy, so regular conditioning is a must to keep hair healthy-looking while preventing and repairing the damage. Some people with exceptionally dry, damaged hair need more than their daily conditioner can deliver. That’s where deep conditioning treatments come ... Read more

Facial Waxing for Silky Smooth Skin

Most of us have some unwanted hair on the face, and we’ve also tried those standard hair removal processes – shaving, plucking, creams and gels – but always with limited results. That’s because the best and most economical way to remove facial hair is through professional facial waxing. Here’s why. Shaving leaves behind that familiar … Read more

Six Hot Haircut Trends for Fall and Winter

It’s an exciting time of year with the anticipation of fun holiday parties just around the corner, and now is the best time to update your haircut for the season ahead. There’s plenty to choose from in this year’s fall and winter trends, and we’ve assembled the best cuts for all hair lengths that go … Read more

How To Videos For Styling

Are you interested in learning how to create simple, up-to-date styles for your hair? Follow our step-by-step videos for professional instructions and styling tips for creating fun styles for day and evening. When you visit our hair salon in Naples FL, we are delighted to take the time to help you discover a look that ... Read more

Tips For Color Treated Hair

We are hair color experts!  No one knows hair color better than the stylists at our Naples FL hair salon.  After you've received a gorgeous new color, you will want to make sure that it remains vibrant and true-to-tone in the weeks following your appointment.  Follow our best tips below for keeping your color in ... Read more

How To Choose The Best Haircut

What is the best haircut for your face shape?  We have the answers!  Choosing the right haircut for your particular face shape is all about balance.    As with other forms of artistry,  our stylists seek to accentuate your best features and down play problem areas.   Your finished style will be a beautiful look that will ... Read more