Hottest New Hair Color Trends for Fall and Winter

Here in Florida, we don’t get the drastic season changes like they do in more northern states. But one thing always happens as the seasons change – and that’s the new fashions that make the rounds on the runways of New York and Paris. The start of the fashion season means it’s time for a change, and a fun way to change up your look is through a new hair color. If you’re thinking of trying something new, we’ve got some inspiration here today with some of the hottest new colors trending for fall and winter that you will for sure want to try. Our highly skilled stylists will create the perfect color that whispers, talks or shouts, depending on how extreme you want your look.

Dusty copper. We’ll start with the reds, which look stunning year-round but are a great new option for fall and winter color. Dusty copper tones down that stark brightness of red with just the right amount of muted color to look perfect with your new wardrobe.

Antique gold. Tried platinum blonde before but want to update things for 2019? Try antique gold, a light, beautiful mix of cool and warm shades for that fabulous bombshell look.

Inky black. That deep, dark look is back for fall and winter, with a shimmering color that looks great with many skin tones. If you already have this deep, rich color, change it up by trying some colorful highlights in blue and purple for a stunning new look.
Honey blonde. For a beautiful, natural looking color, try a warm honey blonde with a few very light highlights that complement any fall or winter wardrobe.

Bronze brunette. Mixed tones help pull this off, with bright copper and golden undertones complementing a mix of cool and warm highlights. This amazing take on brunette shimmers as it reflects indoor or outdoor light for a stunning look.

Fashion colors. Show off your unique personality this fall and winter with the newest in fashion colors. This season’s trends feature shades of shocking pink, purple, orange, neon yellow, and the hottest new trendy color, pistachio green.

Faded pastels. Love fantasy colors? Update them for the fall and winter season by going faded, with a base of white or silver supporting a faint hint of blues, pinks, or purples for an amazing fall and winter color choice.

Once you get that new color you love, you’ll want it to last. That’s where professional products make a huge difference. At Michael Thomas Hair Design, we use exclusive Redken® and Pureology® products for vibrant, longer lasting color, and our stylists will help you select the right products for home care of your stunning new color, as well as provide tips on how often to shampoo, how to avoid excess heat, and other ways to help your color look bright and shiny.

Inspired to add a new color to your new fall and winter wardrobe? Make an appointment today at Michael Thomas Hair Design today. Our professional colorists will help you choose the perfect color for you and your individual style! Visit our salon at either of our two locations, at Carillon Place at 5032 Airport Pulling Road, or at Crossroads Vineyard at 6025 Pine Ridge Road, both in Naples, FL, or call 239-430-2800 to schedule an appointment at either of our salon locations.