Keratin Treatment Benefits

Would you love to wake up every morning with soft, silky smooth hair?  Impossible?  Not with a Marcia Teixeira Brazilian keratin treatment from our Naples FL hair salon!



DAMAGE CONTROL   The amazing repair that a keratin treatment offers to your hair is by far one of the best reasons to receive one.   Even if your hair looks like it has passed the point of no return,  our Brazilian keratin smoothing treatment can work wonders.  Our treatments are able to penetrate to the very inner core of the hair cuticle, filling in areas that are weak and damaged and strengthening every strand.   The ingredients in our formulas actually change the structure of your hair, increasing your hair’s strength, resilience and elasticity.   If your hair is stressed out due to over processing, excessive heat styling or other causes, it can be rejuvenated.  Our treatments will fortify and rebuild while simultaneously sealing each strand of hair with a protective coat that helps to prevent future damage.
REDUCED FRIZZ    If your daily  styling routine includes endless time with flat irons and  straightening products trying to get a smooth, frizz-free style, you’ll be amazed at what a keratin treatment can do.   A keratin smoothing treatment will remove up to 95% of frizz.  Even on humid days, your hair will be noticeably less frizzy than before your service.
FASTER DRYING TIME   Less time with a blow dryer is always a good thing!  Following a keratin treatment, your hair will be easier and faster to dry.   This means less heat damage and the ability to slice time from your morning routine.  Instead of spending time drying your hair, you can enjoy extra time savoring your coffee or tea in the morning.
SOFTER, SLEEK HAIR   One of the best benefits of a keratin treatment is that the texture of your hair can be transformed.  If your hair is coarse, our smoothing treatments will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and unbelievably smooth.   The more often you receive a treatment, the more the texture of your hair will be improved.
EASIER STYLING    By improving the texture and condition of your hair, a keratin treatment makes styling a breeze!  Your hair will have fewer tangles and will be easy to brush, comb, and style.   Maintenance is almost effortless!


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