Keratin Treatment FAQ

Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatments from our Naples hair salon are the best hair smoothing treatments on the market!   In just one salon appointment, your hair can be transformed from frizzy and unmanageable to soft and luxuriously smooth!

Can I get a keratin treatment if I have relaxed hair or hair that has been straightened with a Japanese straightener?
Yes.  A keratin treatment will work on hair that has previously been chemically treated with a relaxer or a straightener as long as your scalp and hair are healthy enough to receive professional salon services.

Is a keratin treatment the same as a relaxer?  
No.  A keratin treatment is very different from a relaxer.   Our keratin formulas are very gentle and use low pH (acidic) products that do not soften and swell the hair shaft or break the natural disulfide bonds of the hair, like high pH (alkaline) relaxers and straighteners do.   Unlike relaxers and straighteners which are permanent a keratin treatment will gently smooth your hair for a few months and then your hair will return to its pre-treatment state.

If I want to color my hair, should this be done before or after a treatment?
If your stylist is using the Original, Chocolate, or Advanced keratin formulas, you will need to wait between 2 or 3 weeks before coloring your hair. If using Soft Treatment or Soft Chocolate Treatment, your hair can be colored at any time.

What if my hair has been highlighted?

As long as your hair and scalp are healthy, you can receive a keratin treatment over highlighted hair.

Can a treatment be performed on virgin hair?

Yes.  The results will not last as long as a treatment performed on previously colored or chemically treated hair however.

How long do I have to wait to wash my hair after receiving a treatment?
This depends on the type of keratin treatment that you receive at our Naples hair salon.   If you receive the original Marcia Teixeira treatment, you will need to wait for four days to allow the keratin formula to be fully absorbed by the hair cuticle.  This provides the best and most positive results.   Other formulas require less waiting time.  Follow the guide below:
Original – after 4 days
Chocolate – after 3 days
Advanced – rinse same day – shampoo after 1 day
Soft and Soft Chocolate Treatment– same day

What if my hair accidentally gets wet during the waiting period after my keratin treatment?
If your hair accidentally gets wet,  blow dry your hair immediately and then use a flat iron to re-straighten it.

Can I swim in a pool or the ocean after a keratin treatment?
Following the first shampoo after the 3 to 4 day development period  (or sooner if you are receiving a different treatment formula), you can swim in both the ocean and/or a chlorinated pool.   Both chlorine and salt will, however, shorten the life span of your treatment.  We strongly recommend using a leave in conditioner such as Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Leave-in Spray to help minimize absorption of salt and chlorine.
After you finish swimming, you should rinse your hair with clear water.   We highly discourage sitting in the sun with salt or chlorine residue left on your hair.

How long will the results last?
Depending upon your hair type and the maintenance and hair care products that you use following your treatment, the results can last from 6 weeks to 5 months.

What type of hair care products should be used after getting a treatment?

We do not recommend using over the counter hair care products.    Instead, you should opt for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that will not strip the keratin from your hair.   We have several professional products that we highly recommend that will  offer UV protection and added keratin to help reinforce the strength and elasticity of hair.  These products  are specially formulated to provide long lasting results.   When you visit our Naples hair salon for your keratin treatment, one of our stylists can share specific recommendations.

Should a touch-up be done on my next visit or should the treatment be redone from roots to ends?
All treatment varieties should be repeated from roots to ends.  This will provide the best results.  Your hair will become increasingly soft and smooth with each successive treatment.

Should I get a haircut before or after a treatment?

Hair should be cut after the completion of any treatment.  Any imperfections in length or over processed ends will be most visible following a keratin smoothing treatment.

Can hair spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products be used on my hair during the 3 or 4 day development period?
No.  Do not apply any products to your hair during the 3 to 4 day development period. Even after that, use caution as many of these products contain alcohol or other ingredients that can strip moisture from the hair and shorten the longevity of your results.   Check the labels of your styling products and avoid those containing alcohol and sulfates.  Even if your hair has not received a keratin treatment, avoiding the use of these two chemicals is an excellent idea to promote soft, healthy hair.

For more questions and answers about the Brazilian keratin treatments at our Naples FL hair salon, please make an appointment with one of our stylists.  We will be happy to schedule a personal consultation and select the best option for the individual needs of your hair.
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