Facial Waxing for Silky Smooth Skin

Most of us have some unwanted hair on the face, and we’ve also tried those standard hair removal processes – shaving, plucking, creams and gels – but always with limited results. That’s because the best and most economical way to remove facial hair is through professional facial waxing. Here’s why.

Shaving leaves behind that familiar stubble, and it’s unsightly and uncomfortable at best. That’s because shaving cuts hair close to the skin’s surface. While that removes the hair briefly, that benefit is short-lived because each hair grows back rapidly, often by the very next day.

The next thing people usually try is plucking. That can be effective, but it can be quite a slow, painful process to remove one hair at a time. And if you over-pluck, there’s no going back, and you may have to spend more time with brow liner to get the right shape back.

Finally, people invest in all kinds of different over-the-counter creams and gels, but none of them get the job done and the chemicals used can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

That’s why waxing is so effective for removing unwanted facial hair. It removes it deep at the follicle, so the hair can’t grow back until the follicle has regrown, which takes much, much longer than a simple cut from shaving. Waxing is precise, so our estheticians can perfectly shape your brows with each treatment, saving you a ton of time with makeup every morning. And waxing uses only non-irritating formulas, so you get effective hair removal without any irritation. At Michael Thomas Hair Design, we use only Nufree, a botanical soy formula that’s completely safe, antimicrobial, clean, and germ-free, with no animal products. Our professional waxing services give you smooth, silky skin around your:

  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Full Face
  • Nose

We also provide threading services, which helps perfect your brow shape by removing rows of hair a time, with many of the same results as waxing.

Brow waxing for men is very popular to get rid of the uni-brow and for men wishing to remove unsightly excess hairs in the nose or ears, we provide effective waxing services to remove unwanted hair that is safer and more effective than trying to trim or pluck the hairs on your own.

The results from waxing last about two weeks, and areas that are regularly treated by waxing tend to reduce the amount of hairs that regrow over time. That’s why a regular schedule of facial waxing is recommended to get consistent, lasting results.

Waxing gives you long-lasting results without the stubble, irritation, and unreliable results you’ll find from other facial hair removal processes. Make an appointment today at Michael Thomas Hair Design. Our professional estheticians will help you decide on the best regular facial waxing schedule to get the results you want. You can find us at either of our two salon locations, at Carillon Place at 5032 Airport Pulling Road, or at Crossroads Vineyard at 6025 Pine Ridge Road, both in Naples, FL, or call 239-430-2800 to schedule an appointment at either of our locations. For exciting, exclusive rewards, download our mobile rewards app for Apple or Android.