Benefits of Weekly Salon Blowouts

Professional blowout styling is a growing trend, and we’re proud to offer professional styling services for you here at Michael Thomas Hair Design. We recommend a professional blowout styling once or twice a week to replace your in-home styling efforts with a polished, professionally styled look you’ll love. There are several benefits to professional styling.
It saves time. Styling your hair can take a lot of time every morning, and depending on the style, it can take hours. Our professional stylist can get your hair shampooed, blow dried and styled in about 30 to 40 minutes. You have better things to do every day than stand in front of a mirror trying to get that perfect curl.

Uses professional tools and products. Salons make huge investments in the professional tools of the trade, and our professional stylists have access to a wide assortment of pro-level Redken® and Pureology® haircare products to suit every hair texture and type, including color-treated hair. Our professional stylists know how to adjust the service for the needs of each client so that everyone walks out of Michael Thomas Hair Design with soft, silky, amazingly beautiful hair.

Styles your hair from every angle. Everyone who has ever tried to blow dry and style hair at home can relate to this issue – it’s impossible to get every angle to look right when you’re styling yourself in front of a mirror. Our professional stylists can reach every strand of hair, giving each section the perfect amount of heat and styling product for long-lasting hold and the perfect, flowing look.

Amazing results. We’ve all heard the expression, “like you just walked out of a salon.” Compared with styling at home, professional styling results are picture-perfect, just like you’d see from your favorite movie and TV personalities. They get that look because they are professionally styled every day.

Lasting results. Our professional stylists know all the tricks of the trade to get your hair in the style you want and make it stay that way. It all comes down to experience, professional-grade products, and professional styling tools that shape your hair into the perfect style. Most professional blowout styles can last for about three days or more, depending on your activities.

Professional shampoo. With professional blowouts once or twice a week, you may even forget about shampooing at home at all. Stylists recommend infrequent shampooing, so if you schedule your appointments a couple of times a week, you may only need a dry shampoo to freshen things up at home. Dry shampoo can help you keep your blowout style in place for even longer. In addition, who doesn’t love the feeling of a professional salon shampooing, which is like an amazing massage for your head? It’s relaxing, smells wonderful, and the professional products leave your hair amazingly soft and silky.

A relaxing, fun experience. We all can relate to this one – spending time at the salon is a fun way to relax and enjoy some “me” time. The whole atmosphere is a much-needed escape from the stress of day-to-day work, and it’s a fun way to spend time relaxing while getting pampered. You can even schedule your blowout appointments with friends and make it part of a girl’s day out excursion.

Enhance your style with regular blowout appointments today at Michael Thomas Hair Design. Our professional stylists will give you an amazing style that lasts, without the hassle of trying to do it on your own. You’ll walk out of our salon with a great style and bouncy, soft hair that will get you noticed! You can find us at either of our two salon locations, at Carillon Place at 5032 Airport Pulling Road, or at Crossroads Vineyard at 6025 Pine Ridge Road, both in Naples, FL, or call 239-430-2800 to schedule an appointment at either of our locations. For money-saving rewards and exclusive offers, become a member of our rewards club by  downloading our mobile app today.